Vegan Potato and Cheese Pierogi (Perogies)

I need to admit something. I am addicted to potatoes. Potatoes, in any form, give me life. I’m a potato chip fiend, I’ll consume all the mashed potatoes even after my fourth helping, I can dine happily on fries alone. There is no potato I won’t embrace with love.

Of course, you know from previous posts that I’m also super into cheese. Given these facts, you’ll easily be able to guess where I stand on pierogi (my Ukrainian Mother-in-law has taught me that spelling)… I love them.

Before becoming vegan, one of my favourite lazy dinners was to place an order through some food delivery service for perogies from The Saucy Pierogi in Toronto (which is, unfortunately, closed down permanently). I have not had vegan pierogi since starting this vegan journey until I made them myself, because I simply could NOT stand never having them again.

To be totally candid, vegan pierogi were one of the very first vegan recipes I tackled, and I cannot — for the life of me — remember how I filled them. I do remember that I made them with store-bought (and non-organic) dumpling wrappers, and topped them with an unimpressive white bean “cheese” sauce. I have learned since then.

This time, I have discovered the recipe for the most perfect vegan pierogi, and they’re potato-y and cheese-y, and OH SO GOOD.

If you’ve ever made pierogi, you will know that they are slightly labour intensive. Somehow that doesn’t bother me much these days. The dough is the easiest dough I’ve ever made, and so quickly made. Likewise, the filling is fairly mindless. So the whole activity feels like much less work than it appears to be once you have a mountain of pierogi ready to consume.

The dough recipe, I got from Genius Kitchen. Don’t look for another. This is the most perfect dough recipe and I want to make a billion things with it (ravioli, tortellini, more perogies…). Even if you’re not vegan, save the egg, and make this dough.

For the filling, I used mashed potatoes (mashed with only salt, pepper, and onion powder — no butter or milk), and my own Sharp Vegan Cheese recipe, modified slightly to include a tsp of miso instead of artichoke, and 1/2 tsp less salt. I mixed the filling up together, taste tested it, and filled my lovely rounds of dough.

Once the pierogi are formed, you must boil them in a pot of salted water and remove shortly after the pierogi float to the surface. My preference is to eat them just boiled, but you can also fry them in oil after this point. Serve with vegan sour cream, green onions, and apple sauce. Delish!

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