Thoughts About Veganism

I love to cook; so, much of my blog is filled with vegan recipes. There is so much more to being vegan, however, than recipes and food substitution. For the other aspects, I blog. I encourage you to read up on the concerns, struggles, victories I share in this section of the blog. If something strikes a cord for you, please leave a comment in the post, or send me an email. We are building a community together.

Can You Be Vegan If You Have A Pet?

When it comes to forced domestication, and the carnivorous diets of many pets, how does a vegan support pet-keeping? Vegans and pet owners tend to share one very important, and often overpowering value: a love of animals. This makes the question of pets a complicated one for the vegan lifestyle.

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Becoming Vegan: The Journey Begins

I started my vegan journey this New Year of 2018, after many years of unchecked guilt about the food choices I was making. I had heard the PETA pleas, and seen the various literature showing the barbaric treatment of farm animals, heard the environmental criticisms, and somehow always dismissed it, moving it to the back of my mind for when I was really ready to deal with it. I never felt great about eating meat, but that wasn’t the main thing that made me uncomfortable with an omnivore diet…

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Where Do Vegans Get Their Nutrients?

In my almost-two-year vegan journey, I have learned quite a bit about proper nutrition, and how attainable it is on a vegan diet: as well as what scary things can happen to your body if you aren’t getting proper nutrition. Though the average person often assumes they are quite knowledgeable on the subject, it is amazing how little the average person understands about nutrition.

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Beyond Meat

Have you noticed the veganization happening all over the US and Canada? The Junk Food Vegan is seizing the day lately, thanks to a few approaching-ubiquitous plant-based meat companies, Beyond Meat, and Impossible Foods, specializing in their own versions of seriously convincing vegan burgers.

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Cheese Confessions from a “Vegan”

I knew going publicly vegan was the only way to have any chance of cutting cheese out of my life, and still… I haven’t cut it out completely. Why? Because pizza is my emotional food craving, because pizza is connected to my deceased dad.

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A Year of Veganism: New Year’s Reflection

It has been a year since I started my vegan journey. Today, I wanted to do a bit of reflection on the process, the ups and downs, what I have learned since starting my journey. I thought I would share my top five vegan learnings with you.

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Vegan Vacation Troubles

You know that common conception many omnivores have of vegans? Vegans are privileged, hipster, self-righteous. I’ve never felt more like this stereotype than I did on my Cuban vacation.

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What To Know For Veganuary

It’s easier than you think to find vegan versions of your favourite food, but some are better than others. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not right yet. My own vegan journey started in January. Five years later, I’ve learned a few things I’d love to share to help in your own vegan journey, this Veganuary.

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