All-Vegan Recipes

Browse your favourite vegan recipes by category. This is a work in progress; check back regularly for new recipes! If you would like to see your favourite non-vegan recipe veganized, send me a message and I would be happy to make it happen!


Make these Vegan Breakfast Recipes for yourself or for a party. Vegan Breakfasts are simple, and delicious. See for yourself!

Vegan Cheese

I’m obsessed with vegan cheese, because cheese is such a stubborn deterrent for omnivores to make the switch. Why do dairy when vegan cheese tastes this good?

Main Dishes

For the main event, check out these vegan main dishes, with decidedly un-vegan flavour.


For the sweet and cruelty-free, browse some of these recipes. Your sweet-tooth need not hurt an animal.

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