Vegan Brunch: It’s Real and It’s Fabulous

Of course, when you think of breakfast or brunch, invariably, you will think of eggs, bacon, coffee with cream and sugar. That is, you will think of foods that are the opposite of vegan. I swear to you though, a vegan brunch as familiar as your old standard of bacon, eggs, and toast with butter, is totally possible and delicious.

Vegan Gluten-Free Fudgey Brownies

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t enjoy a good, fudgey, chocolatey brownie? As I’d already been introduced to the wonderful world of vegan baked goods before becoming vegan, I had no tragic misconceptions that I would have to forego my beloved chewy treats once making my change. If you have yet to have a good vegan brownie, I hope this blog article will provide a small beacon of light to you. You can indulge without hurting animals!